Directory - Diretório de Sites

  1. Elections - Eleições
  2. News - Notícias
  3. National Parliaments - Parlamentos Nacionais
  4. Political Parties - Partidos Políticos

Governments - Governos

  1. Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon
  2. National Assembly of Cameroon
  3. Prime Minister's Office
  4. Ministry of Economy and Finance
  5. National Office of Forest Development
  6. Ministry of Industrial and Commercial Development
  7. Ministry of Public Investments and Regional Planning
  8. Ministry of Mining, Water and Energy
  9. Ministry of Social Affairs
  10. Ministry of Transport
  11. Ministry of Tourism
  12. Ministry of Youth and Sports
  13. Cameroon National Ports Authority

Parties - Partidos

  1. Cameroon Peoples Union
  2. Front of Alternative Forces
  3. Movement for Democracy and Interdependance
  4. Social Democratic Front
  5. Cameroon People's Democratic Movement

Home pages - Páginas Web

Cameroon Tribune
La Nouvelle Expression
Le Messager

Arts & Culture
The National Museum of Yaounde
Human Settlements in Cameroon

Travel and Tour Guides
Tourism in Cameroon
Office de Tourisme National Camerounais pour l'Europe

ASOY American School of Yaoundé
Ecole Nationale Superieur Polytechnique ENSP
UY1 Université de Yaoundé I

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