Directory - Diretório de Sites

  1. Elections - Eleições
  2. News - Notícias
  3. National Parliaments - Parlamentos Nacionais
  4. Political Parties - Partidos Políticos

Governments - Governos

  1. Prime Minister's Office
  2. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  3. Ministry of Communications
  4. Ministry of Construction and Housing
  5. Ministry of Defence
  6. Ministry of Education
  7. Ministry of Environment
  8. Ministry of Finance
  9. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  10. Ministry of Health
  11. Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
  12. Ministry of Industry and Trade
  13. Ministry of Justice
  14. Ministry of National Infrastructure
  15. Ministry of Religious Affairs
  16. Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport
  17. Ministry of Tourism
  18. Ministry of Transport

Parties - Partidos

  1. Democratic Front for Peace and Equality
  2. Green Leaf Party
  3. Green Party
  4. Israeli Communist Forum
  5. National Democratic Assembly
  6. One People
  7. Social Democratic Israel
  8. Socialist Struggle
  9. Socialist Workers League
  10. Sons of the Country Movement
  11. Spark

Home pages - Páginas Web

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Business & Economy
Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC)
Israel Export Institute

History of Israel

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