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  1. Elections - Eleições
  2. News - Notícias
  3. National Parliaments - Parlamentos Nacionais
  4. Political Parties - Partidos Políticos

Governments - Governos

  1. Office of the President
  2. Government of Mauritius
  3. Prime Minister's Office
  4. Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology and Natural Resources
  5. Ministry of Arts and Culture
  6. Ministry for Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reform
  7. Ministry of Commerce and Cooperatives
  8. Ministry of Defence and Home Affairs
  9. Ministry of Economic Development, Financial Services and Corporate Affairs
  10. Ministry of Education and Scientific Research
  11. Ministry of Environment
  12. Ministry of External Communications
  13. Ministry of Finance
  14. Ministry of Fisheries
  15. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation
  16. Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
  17. Ministry of Housing and Lands
  18. Ministry of Industry and International Trade
  19. Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommuincations)
  20. Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations
  21. Ministry of Local Government, Rodrigues and Urban and Rural Development
  22. Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping
  23. Ministry of Public Utilities
  24. Ministry of Social Security
  25. Ministry of Tourism
  26. Ministry of Training, Skills Development and Productivity
  27. Ministry of Women's Rights, Child Development and Family Welfare
  28. Ministry of Youth and Sports

Parties - Partidos

  1. Mauritian Militant Movement
  2. Mauritius Labour Party
  3. Militant Socialist Movement
  4. The Struggle

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Mauritius News

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