In 1994 I was carrying out researches into Rio de Janeiro Green Party when I found a list of  people taking part in the First Greens International Meeting (during Environment Worldwide Conference Rio92).

At  that time I didn’t know Internet, so I sent letters to the consular representation of each Country taking part into the Meeting.

It gave good result: I received answears from Australia, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Low Countries, New Zealand and Portugal.

In 1995 I started working with a member of Rio de Janeiro Green Party. But the following year I had to stop my work because of  domestic troubles; in February I moved to Republic of San Marino in order to help my sister, who is divorced with a son.

I didn’t want to lose contacts with politics and in 1997 I had the chance to work for the arrival in Italy of Brasilian Greens foreign representatives .

Soon I had my first contact with Italian Green Party: I went to Rome and met foreign representative Stefano Boco.

I have invited him to take part in a conference about the theme of the international cooperation. The Brazilian representative has been received before by the Italian Minister of Environment Edoardo Ronchi (Green Party) in Rome and on November 15 he took part in San Marino Conference. The Senator Stefano Boco intervened to the debate, the Secretary Claudio Turtelli, the Secretary Of Swiss’ Greens Feliz Wirz and exponents of Italian Greens.

In 1998 I started studying how to create Web sites and first pages. My first work was a short page on Portuguese Greens.

In 1999 the First International Greens Home Page was born. During that year I have started studying and understanding as set up the work. I was pointing very much on how to improve the information. In January 2004 has born "GREEN MOVEMENT" ( in this address I could check the visitor of every country, the pages more visited and the amount of visitors. I have tried to find the greatest number of information about the parties and have started writing to every single party. The last updating of the addresses has been found in 1996 in the portal of the French Greens. Then on November 23rd, 2000 I have been able to have, thanks to my researches, 42 parties. It took many hours of work, however I have been satisfied very much of the result. An informative of news called "Green Movement News" has born on half of 2000. The first source of online total information of the Greens.

I have collaborated with the Australian organizers of the second international meeting of the Greens. My contribution has been offer the current addresses of the Greens and disclose in my Home Page the information for the meeting. I have been very happy for the success of the meeting. In 2001 the work grew very much, so I have decided to call it Virtual Community Of The Greens. My principal aim was to increase the database by information of the Greens, since many others Green Parties exist. However I could not forget my project to create an international community, so the work has increased very much. The hours in front of the computer have been a lot.

The work was not consisting only in looking for the parties but also answering the emails, make the researches to improve the Home Page and improve the information.

The Green parties registered to the virtual community have become 52. They have been divided for continents, Africa (5), America (8), Asia (7), Europe (29) and Oceania (3). Thanks to the work developed in 2001, in 2002 I started introducing some updating of the databases offering information about Green governments, parliamentary, electoral results, daily Green News, publication of the researches and the electoral results. The researches were consisting in understanding as the introduction of the International Statute Of The Green Ones was proceeding in every party. Many of them did not know and were not owning the publication of the Canberra 2001 (Australia) meeting. Then I published the international statute of the Greens in the Home Page.

The publication has been realized in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. The same year the Greens’ first international address guide was published. I had the enrolment of 81 parties: Africa (18), America (11), Asia (10), Europe (37) and Oceania (5). In 2003 the work was consolidated and very important results were achieved. During the period of updating of the international guide, I have asked them to talk about the aims for the year 2003. Then I have created the Green Forum, where the aims of every party and also very much other material have been published.

Also the news has been brought up to date daily. Besides a database with information, the list of all parliamentarians, ministers, foreign countries, leaders for every party, documents, link and results has been created. In March I have published the international guide with 98 registered parties: Africa (17), America (12), Asia (11), Europe-EFGP (32), Europe no EFGP (17) and Oceania (5). After many years, hours of work, difficulty, the happiness is huge and the results start seeing. Today they are 98 parties registered, 800 friends from more than sixty countries, 300 regional and local parties and 60 parliamentarians. And the three year success of the International Community Of The Greens, that 22-11-2003 has reached 50.000 visitors from more than 100 countries.

In February 2004 I have taken part in the birth of the European Green Party in Rome. An important moment for me and my job. I have been finally able to know many friends of various parts of the world, everyone has thanked me for my job in the Community Of The Green Ones. For me has been a great honour being thanked for the developed job. In a meeting parallel to the event, all the present parties have met in a workshop of the Global Greens. In the meeting I have found a lot of leaders of the parties with a big wish to communicate and dialogue. However we had not the necessary time due to the many problems coming outside there. During these five years I have realized that my site has been very useful for getting information about the Greens. I saw, after that meeting, that a part of the parties is structured while others need help.

In this workshop my friend Mike Feinstein (USA) made the introduction of the Web site of the Global Greens but for lack of time we hadn’t the possibility to explain everything. After him I had the chance to present my experience. Unfortunately my time was of a minute, so I took the microphone and have thanked everybody for the participation. I have remained very badly, that could be the best opportunity to share my ideas. After that moment I did not want to go ahead with the job, however knowing myself, believing in what I am doing, I published an update of the portal in April 2004.

At the beginning of May I took the decision to check all that I have created. I am aware that  the information published are useful and can be bettered. On April 21st, 2004 I closed the portal of the International Community Of The Greens. From the beginning of May up to July I checked the work. At the beginning of August I started studying the way to improve this work, they have been joyful moments. In November I started writing the project I want to share with every person than during these years have encouraged me. I have the certainty that in short time I will go back to publish "GREEN MOVEMENT" on Internet.

Alex Caetano Belchior
Republic of San Marino, December 31, 2004